Benefits of Visiting San Diego Prior to the Summer Busy Season

May 9, 2021

San Diego is one of the top hot spots for vacations, and it’s easy to see why. Between the beautiful beaches and amazing attractions, you’ll always find something exciting to do. You should be careful about when you plan your trip. After all, you want to enjoy every moment. Planning your trip to take place before the summer rush gives you several benefits. Here’s a list of just a few, brought to you by the friendly team at Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the most ideally located and budget-friendly hotels in San Diego.

Find an Affordable Hotel

Every year, there’s a mad rush for San Diego that begins right after Memorial Day. This is partly due to families waiting until their kids are out of school to travel and partly due to the events that commonly happen during the summer in California. In the past, Comic-Con took over the city during July. While that event will be virtual again in 2021, you’ll find corporate conventions and other special events fill up hotels quickly during the summer. Booking now helps you get that perfect-sized bed or extra space you need.

Hit the Zoo when the Animals Are Most Active

If you’ve never been to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, you need to consider it a must-do on your itinerary. While you’ll love seeing the animals at any time of the year, late spring is the best time to see your favorite animals feeling their best. At this point, the weather is just cool enough to make animals want to run around and frolic. You’ll also enjoy being able to stroll through the outdoor exhibits without breaking a sweat.

Beat the Beach Crowds

Now that spring break is over, the beaches have cleared out and families are able to enjoy quieter visits to the coast. While this is great, you also want to be aware that most of the beaches in San Diego get extremely crowded when summer gets into full swing. If you don’t like fighting for the waves or dealing with noisy groups of people while you soak up the sun, now is the perfect time to take full advantage of open shorelines.

Visit More Outdoor Venues

If you’re still trying to social distance on some level, you may prefer to continue dining on patios and window shopping. Once the crowds roll in, you might find it harder to get that reservation for outdoor dining at your favorite restaurant or to stroll through Seaport Village without bumping elbows with other tourists. Being able to take in the sights without feeling rushed or crowded helps you get the most from your visit.

Skip the Long Lines at Amusement Parks

SeaWorld is another one of those iconic places you just have to visit, especially if you love animals and thrill rides. Right now, most visitors to the area’s amusement parks are locals, and this cuts down on the crowds. If you give it another month or two, you might be waiting longer to go on rides and get into shows. Enjoying the local amusement parks when they’re less crowded makes it feel more like a VIP experience.

There’s plenty to see and do in San Diego throughout the year, so plan to take your vacation early and reserve your room today at Sunrise Inn San Diego. When they’re looking for comfortable but cheap hotels, San Diego visitors will be amazed by our affordable rates as well as our spacious rooms, spectacular harbor views, and convenient location near many of the most popular tourist attractions in America’s Finest City. Call one of our friendly staff members today at (619) 223-5544.

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