Reasons to Visit San Diego with Friends

July 18, 2021

As California’s second-largest city, San Diego has much to offer for both locals and visitors. You can certainly travel to this area for a solo trip and have an enjoyable time and plenty of cherished memories and selfies to bring home with you. That being said, there are some equally convincing reasons you should travel to San Diego with your friends.

Some Water-Based Activities Are More Fun with Friends

There are more than 30 beaches in San Diego County alone, so it should come as no surprise that water-based activities are popular nearly year-round, and there are a number of hotels in San Diego that are close to both pristine beaches and popular attractions. Some water-based activities, such as kayaking, boating, canoeing, and even fishing from the Coronado Ferry Landing Pier tend to be more enjoyable with friends. Plus, with activities like kayaking and canoeing, it can be helpful to have a buddy or two along to help with the paddling or rowing.

Your Friends Will Thank You if You Book a Group Tour

If you do some pre-planning for yourself and your friends before getting to San Diego, you’ll find an assortment of group tour options to consider. And in some instances, you may even be able to snag a group discount when you book these tours. Just within the SD area alone, group tour possibilities include:

• Deluxe wine country tours
• Guided sightseeing and historic tours
• Bar, club, and pub tours that include popular spots like the Gaslamp Quarter

There Are Unique Food Experiences You & Your Friends Will Love

San Diego has had a very active and delightful culinary scene for a long time. Many of the restaurants, diners, cafés, and neighborhood haunts here create unique dining experiences that can be even more enjoyable with friends. Besides, there are several food lovers’ delights to be found in the San Diego area that have to be sampled in person to truly appreciate them, and your friends will thank you for this as well!

You’ll Have Bonding Experiences that Are Just as Special

If you have a bestie or two you really want to connect with in a more relaxing setting, San Diego is the perfect place to visit. For instance, escape rooms are popular within the SD area. Many of these locations have themes and group challenges that can be invigorating and imaginative, and some even give you a chance to do some post-challenge bragging over dinner and drinks. You and your buddies can also bond in San Diego with:

• A visit to a local paintball park or camp
• Scavenger hunts
• Beach volleyball if you prefer to bond while basking in the sun

There Are Day Trip Opportunities Galore

San Diego is in a location that allows for many day trip opportunities you and your friends can enjoy while making SD your home base. For instance, day trips to Tijuana are popular because of San Diego’s proximity to Mexico. You and your friends will be just as pleased with day trips to La Jolla, Carlsbad, Julian, Lake Poway, and other nearby locations. And Disneyland is just 2 hours away in Anaheim! 

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