Great Souvenirs to Pick Up on Your San Diego Vacation

May 23, 2021

You’re welcome to snap endless selfies and send “Wish you were here” postcards to friends and relatives who aren’t with you while you’re vacationing in San Diego. Another way to treat someone special who isn’t able to join you is by picking up some meaningful souvenirs for them. Below, the welcoming staff from Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the most comfortable budget-friendly hotels in San Diego, suggest some amazing souvenirs to get while you’re vacationing in San Diego—some of which you can also keep for yourself as a way to take a piece of SD back home with you.

Craft Beers

San Diego is home to an assortment of fantastic breweries, some of which specialize in uniquely charming and truly tasty craft beers. Simply pack up a few bottles while you’re here, and you’ll have an instantly appealing souvenir to take back home with you. Another option is to look for breweries that offer gift boxes or cards.

Gourmet Chocolate

While San Diego is famous for its fish tacos, carne asada fries, pork sandwiches, and avocado toast, it’s also a great place to find gourmet chocolate. You can easily find shops here that sell these finely crafted sweet confections by the box or bag. Just check ahead of time to see how order pickup is handled.

Olive Oil

One of the many charming neighborhoods in San Diego is Little Italy, a pedestrian-friendly community peppered with restaurants and shops. A souvenir you can pick up here or in the Old Town area of SD and a few other locations is olive oil. Typically, the olive oil sold here is produced locally, which makes it even more authentic to San Diego.

Designer Hats

If you prefer a longer-lasting San Diego souvenir, turn your attention to designer hats. San Diego is a land of sunshine, so hats are definitely appreciated here. But you won’t get just ordinary hats in SD. There are many customized and designer hats you can purchase as souvenirs while you’re enjoying your SoCal vacation.

Note: Seaport Village is one of the popular SD places to find hats, including ones with more casual designs.

Beach Jewelry

For many San Diego vacationers, the best memories made here involve the beach. Bring some of these beach memories back home by checking out the options with local beach jewelry. Some of the selections you’ll find are “beach inspired,” and others are actually crafted from beach items like seashells.

Vintage Books

Do a little exploring while vacationing in San Diego, and you’ll discover plenty of local treasures, one of which is vintage books. Some vintage book stores in the SD area have massive collections, while others specialize in children’s books, locally penned works, and hard-to-find selections.

Padres Jerseys

The Padres are one of the top local sports teams in San Diego. Like any other pro team, they also have an official shop—in this case, it’s over on Tony Gwynn Drive. One great souvenir idea while vacationing in SD is to pick up a bunch of Padres jerseys or tees for yourself, friends, and family members. They even have jerseys that can fit dogs, too.

You can find fantastic souvenirs as well as comfortable hotel accommodations without spending a lot of money when you visit San Diego. When they’re looking for comfortable and affordable hotels near downtown San Diego, visitors will be amazed by our unbeatable rates as well as our spacious rooms, stunning views of the harbor, and proximity to the best attractions in America’s Finest City. Call one of our friendly staff members today at (619) 223-5544.

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