Tips for Staying Organized when You’re on Vacation

February 13, 2022

Going on vacation is supposed to help you slip into a state of relaxation that relieves your daily stress. However, there’s nothing worse than feeling stressed out every time you need to find an item or remember what you have planned for the day. Staying organized doesn’t have to be so challenging. You can keep yourself prepared and aware of where each thing is you need for your time away from home by following these tips, brought to you by the friendly staff from Sunrise Inn, one of the most welcoming hotels in San Diego.

Start with a Packing List

Making a packing list helps you avoid leaving anything behind, and it’s useful when you’re helping multiple family members get ready. After you make your list and check it twice while packing, make sure to bring it with you on your vacation. You can refer to it when it’s time to leave to make sure everyone gathers up their belongings from the hotel room. This is especially useful for helping families remember to pack smaller items such as charging cords when they’re getting ready to check out of their hotels in San Diego.

Pack Your Clothing in Stages

If you plan to leave your clothing in your suitcases or bags for a while as you travel, it helps to pack it in a way that prevents digging around. For instance, you might want to put your swimsuit toward the middle and your pajamas on top if you know you’ll arrive at your hotel around bedtime yet plan to go to the beach the next day. Later, you can hang up your clothes or put them in drawers. Being able to grab what you need when you’re exhausted can prevent everything from getting jumbled up.

Use Packing Cubes

You can also simplify searching by putting similar items together in a packing cube. These cubes come in an assortment of different sizes, and you can easily fit them into most types of suitcases. They are also thin enough to take up very little space, and you’ll find the extra effort is worth it when you can quickly locate the things you need.

Store Important Information Electronically

Paperwork often tends to get lost in the shuffle. Make sure to keep tabs on your itinerary by using an online calendar app you can access on your phone. This also makes it easy to share information with your traveling partners if anything changes regarding reservations at venues you plan to visit during your stay.

Set Yourself Up in the Hotel Room

Staying in the same place for the majority of your vacation helps you avoid last-minute rushes to find your toiletries. Once you arrive at your destination, set up your room as much as you can to resemble your home. For instance, placing your shampoo and other toiletries in the bathroom makes them easy to find. You’ll also be able to see right away if you’ve forgotten anything you’ll need so you can look for a replacement.

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