Safe Ways to Travel to San Diego during Coronavirus

March 11, 2021

Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is a gorgeous place to visit any time of year. You’re certainly welcome to come here for business, pleasure, or a combination of the two. However, coronavirus is still something you’ll need to keep in mind. Below, we offer some safety tips for traveling to San Diego during COVID-19.

Dine Outdoors

Outdoor dining is more prevalent during COVID-19. It’s also considered a safer way to enjoy a tasty meal. Luckily, there are many outdoor dining options in San Diego, many of which offer rooftop and ocean views. You can even dine outdoors here on beautiful garden patios.

Visit Places Where Social Distancing Is Easier to Do

Another good thing about traveling to San Diego during COVID-19 is the many outdoor destinations and attractions you can visit here. Many of these places, like the San Diego Botanic Garden, have plenty of open spaces where you can spread out and focus on the sights and sounds around you. Social distancing in San Diego also tends to be easier at:

• Cinema Under the Stars and other outdoor theaters
• Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve and similar places where you can hike and enjoy the outdoors in a more active way
• Balboa Park and other spacious parks where you can jog, casually walk, and safely spend time with others who are traveling with you
• Pacific Beach, Coronado Beach, and other sprawling beaches in the area

Plan Ahead as Much as Possible

Because COVID-19 guidelines are always being adjusted, it’s best to plan ahead for your trip to San Diego as much as possible. Do this by coming up with a general list of things you want to do when visiting here. You can then check online to see what restrictions or COVID-19 guidelines apply. This also allows you to come up with a backup plan if some of the places you’d like to visit are inaccessible at the moment.

Book a Room/Suite at a Hotel

Because vacation rentals are limited to discourage unnecessary travel, it may be easier to stay at one of the affordable hotels near downtown San Diego. You also won’t have to worry about any contracts or the various fees and commitments that usually go along with vacation rentals. 

Explore Transportation Options that Are More “Open”

Another great thing about traveling to San Diego is the ability to get plenty of fresh air when you need to get around, which also makes it easier to minimize your possible exposure to COVID-19. For instance, you can take a ferry to explore Coronado, ride the trolley around the downtown area, or rent your own boat for a day or two.

Bring COVID-19 Supplies with You

You can’t completely forget about COVID-19 when visiting San Diego. That said, your time here can be much more enjoyable if you bring some common COVID-19 supplies with you. Typically, this list includes wipes, hand sanitizer, disposable masks, and other items you can conveniently stash in a travel or carry-on bag.

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