6 Great Travel Hacks for San Diego Visitors

June 13, 2021

With clear blue skies, beaches, and a friendly vibe, San Diego is a city that welcomes you with open arms. Spend your stay in San Diego relaxing on the beaches, dining at incredible restaurants, enjoying the nightlife, or exploring the urban areas. Don’t forget to visit the San Diego Zoo and the amazing museums at Balboa Park. Continue reading to discover some travel hacks to use when coming to San Diego.

1. Pack Plastic Ziplock Bags for Your Cell Phone

San Diego is a coastal city that draws visitors to the beach. Cell phones often get damaged at the beach because they get wet or covered with sand. This travel hack involves placing your cell phone inside a ziplock bag to prevent damage.

2. Shop for Food at Local Markets

Stock up on bottled water, sports drinks, snacks, fresh fruit, and more at the local markets. Grocery stores, farmers’ markets, and convenience stores provide access to the necessities you’ll need throughout your trip. You can also grab a meal or two from local food trucks that offer delicious options at affordable prices.

3. Pack a Light Jacket

San Diego experiences beautiful weather year-round, but there’s an occasional dip in temperatures during the summer. You might experience cool mornings and evenings during your visit. Make sure you pack a light jacket, sweatshirt, or sweater to keep you warm. It’s important to carry it with you in a backpack or purse because the temperature could change quickly.

4. Bring Your Passport

San Diego is located just a few miles away from Mexico, so if you plan to travel south of the border, you’ll need your passport and other travel documents. Make sure you have the appropriate travel documents to reenter the United States. Before leaving their hotels in San Diego, travelers should find out where the nearest U.S. embassy is in Mexico in case they lose their passports.

5. Save Money with Groupon

Everyone loves to save money while on vacation. Search Groupon to find discounts on a variety of local attractions. You could save money throughout your trip if you keep checking the website. You may find great discounts on tour packages, kid-friendly activities, spas, restaurants, and more.

6. Remove Beach Sand with Baby Powder

Chances are you’ll visit the beach and go straight to another activity, such as eating at a restaurant. Removing the sand from your body is essential for your comfort as well as being able to enter various establishments. Use baby powder to remove sand from your feet, legs, and hands. Sprinkle the baby powder on your skin to soak up the moisture and brush the sand off easily.

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