How to Up the Fun Factor when You Travel

November 11, 2021

Vacations are supposed to be all about relaxing and having fun, but you might find the stress of packing and planning your trip start to catch up to you. When it does, it helps to go back to basics and make an effort to revive your excitement. Having more fun while traveling is as simple as following these tips when you make your vacation plans.

Spend a Day Living Like a Local

When you head to a big city like San Diego, you’ve probably already put many of the top attractions on your itinerary. While this is great, you may find all the crowded hot spots don’t really give you an accurate feel for the city. Instead of just hanging out at the touristy spots near their hotels in San Diego, visitors should make plans to explore the area as if they live there. Go play volleyball in Mission Bay, or consider taking a walking trip via the Seven Bridges route. Even wandering through some local vintage shops or visiting a farmers’ market puts you in touch with what real life in the city is like. These types of special things are free, and you’ll get a better idea of what the locals like to do during their downtime.

Do Some Research about the Attractions

Did you know the San Diego Zoo has more than 3,500 animals to see on your visit, or did you just rush to buy the tickets? Learning more about each attraction on your itinerary gives you a greater appreciation for each place, and doing some research is a great way to get your kids involved. You can choose to look up a site during your flight, or you could challenge your kids to share a fun fact over dinner. Even if you just surprise everyone else with your knowledge, you’ll find the process of discovering new information deepens the experiences you have on vacation.

Commit to Eating Something New

San Diego is known for its Mexican food. Try looking for a standout Mexican restaurant or one that blends two types of cuisine, or you could branch out and eat locally sourced seafood for the first time. The idea is to eat something you wouldn’t normally get in your hometown. You might find a new favorite place to come back to on future vacations.

Live in the Moment

It’s definitely hard to put your phone down, but unless you’re capturing a once-in-a-lifetime snapshot of your family, consider leaving it in your pocket. Spending time enjoying the moment rather than trying to frame that perfect photo leaves you with more meaningful memories. If you do decide you need to snap a few shots, at least commit to waiting until you get back to the hotel to upload them to social media. 

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