Best Places to Enjoy a Bit of “Me Time” on Your San Diego Vacation

January 27, 2022

A little “me time” now and then does much to maintain mental, physical, and spiritual health. Although San Diego is considered a busy metropolis, there are many different activities and locations that offer guests the chance to rejuvenate. Visitors simply need to choose activities that appeal to their unique interests. Here are a few great options for getting some “me time” in San Diego, CA, brought to you by the people who know the city best, the friendly team at Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the top budget-friendly hotels in San Diego.

Seaport Village

This shopping center has a laid-back atmosphere that’s ideal for relaxing and taking in the views. Quaint and easily navigable, the destination encompasses 14 acres on the waterfront along West Harbor Drive. Enjoy browsing through more than four dozen unique shops found here that sell everything from clothing and artwork to unique eco-friendly items. The location also features 13 dining venues where patrons can enjoy their meals while they watch the ships entering and exiting the harbor.

Spruce Street Suspension Bridge

Escape the big-city bustle for a while. This suspension bridge, which was built in 1912, spans 375 feet in length and rises 70 feet above the landscape. Crossing the structure takes mere minutes. However, the majority of visitors prefer to stand in quiet reflection for at least a short time while gazing at the tropical terrain below. There are trails leading down under the bridge to paths that welcome hikers to explore the fauna and flora. Small woodland creatures have been known to stick their heads out of their dens to say hello to visitors.

Mount Soledad

Mount Soledad is 822 feet high and accessible by foot, bike, or vehicle. The location is considered a prominent landmark. Once at the top, visitors encounter the renowned cross and a veteran’s memorial. The elevated land formation also comes with a stunning 360-degree view of the city and ocean. When skies are clear, the view may include Scripps Pier, downtown San Diego, and the Coronado Island bridge. To the south, mountains in Mexico might also be visible. The hill is ideal for taking photographs, watching the sunrise or sunset, and admiring the city’s lights at night.

La Jolla Underwater Park

Snorkelers and scuba divers enjoy exploring this park reserve that covers 6,000 acres of underwater terrain. Beneath the water’s surface, guests encounter kelp beds, a rocky reef, sand flats, two manmade reefs, and a canyon harboring a wide variety of colorful marine life. The site is also a habitat for birds, dolphins, and seals. The destination also has public bathrooms, vendors, and caves.

Bay Cruise

Boats and ships in the harbor offer a variety of cruises that delight visitors of all ages. Perhaps embark on a whale-watching adventure. San Diego is known for being a whale migration hotspot, as many species pass through the area year-round. Other cruises offer fine dining experiences or simply provide passengers with narrated tours of the shoreline. Speed boat rides are offered for anyone preferring a more exhilarating experience. 

One of the best ways to ensure some quality “me time” during your visit is to stay in a comfy hotel where you can kick back and relax, so reserve your room today at Sunrise Inn San Diego. When they’re looking for comfortable and affordable hotels near downtown San Diego, visitors will be amazed by our unbeatable rates as well as our spacious rooms, stunning views of the harbor, and proximity to the best attractions in America’s Finest City. Call one of our friendly staff members today at (619) 223-5544.

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