Ways to Pass the Time in a Hotel Room if You Have Coronavirus

February 21, 2021

If you have COVID-19 and are quarantining in a hotel room, you may feel a combination of anxiety and boredom. Staying in one place for long periods can start to feel claustrophobic without new ways to find entertainment. Luckily, you don’t have to leave your hotel room to pass the time. The welcoming team from Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the most comfortable budget-friendly hotels in San Diego, offer the following tips for making your stay more pleasant when you’re self-quarantining in a hotel.

Fight Anxiety

Anxiety can make many people feel uncomfortable and out of control. To combat anxiety while quarantining, distractions and relaxation techniques are efficient ways to ease discomfort. Meditation has been known to lower heart rate and blood pressure. Since meditation can be practiced sitting or lying down, this is a perfect activity to start your day. After waking up, try a simple meditation for approximately ten minutes.

There are a few different meditation methods for beginners. The first method is called a “body scan.” This involves concentrating first on relaxing the muscles in the head, forehead, ears, neck, and shoulders. As you slowly breathe in and out, shifting your focus down the body can create an awareness of tension. 

Meditation can also involve counting to four. Inhaling on the count of one and then exhaling on the count of two, the exhale should be longer than the inhale. By exhaling more air, the body can begin to relax. Guided meditations are available on many websites and apps. Simply listening to another person’s voice can be relaxing in itself. Guided meditations usually involve sounds from scenes in nature, such as beaches or forests. This may be particularly helpful if you are new to meditation

Cure Boredom

Distractions are helpful for both boredom and anxiety. When you’re quarantined in a room, distractions may seem limited to television and social media. In addition to watching movies and surfing the Internet on your phone, there are activities that can be done in your hotel room.

Exercise is important no matter where you are. While it may be true that you can’t just go for a bike ride or a jog, you can still practice cardio workouts in your room. Simple exercises like jumping jacks and cross-knee twists can burn calories and build muscle. Stretching is a low-impact way to build strength and flexibility. For advanced stretching, yoga can be a great way to combine exercise and meditation. Just twenty minutes of exercise a day can boost physical and mental health.

Explore Your Creativity

Journaling and sketching can be great ways to pass the time in your room. By using your imagination, you can create artwork or stories to transform your situation. Many people find creative activities like these are great methods for exploring their feelings in new and therapeutic ways.

To pass the time while learning about something that interests you, reading is the perfect hobby. From nonfiction to classic literature, books have long been a much-loved source of indoor entertainment. By shifting your focus from COVID-19 to new ways of entertainment, you can stay physically and mentally healthy. 

If you have COVID-19 and you need to self-quarantine for several days, you’ll want to stay in a hotel that’s affordable and offers outstanding service. When you need a temporary home away from home, reserve a room at Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the most comfortable, inexpensive hotels near downtown San Diego. You’ll be delighted by our unbeatable rates, spacious guestrooms, and magnificent harbor views. To make a reservation, call one of our friendly staff members today at (619) 223-5544.

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