Is a COVID Test Required to Travel to California?

October 7, 2021

If you’re planning on traveling soon, it’s a good idea to go ahead and research COVID guidelines before you make your reservations. This ensures you don’t get surprised by any inconvenient rules at the last minute. To make sure you’re prepared for your California vacation, here’s what you need to know about California and COVID testing, brought to you by the team at Sunrise Inn San Diego, one of the most budget-friendly hotels in San Diego.

California Doesn’t Currently Have Any Travel Restrictions for Interstate Visitors

California itself doesn’t have any travel restrictions in place. Therefore, people who are in another US state and want to go to California can do so without a test. There are no borders to worry about or any medical checks. In addition to being able to go to California without a test, you also don’t need to quarantine or provide proof of vaccination.

People Flying in from Other Countries Will Need a COVID Test

If you’re visiting California from another country, federal COVID guidelines will apply. Though California itself doesn’t have restrictions, US law currently requires all travelers from other nations to submit a negative test before entering the country. This law applies to both US citizens and foreign nationals. You’ll need a test to fly into California from another country even if you’re vaccinated or willing to quarantine. Right now, there are no guidelines regarding essential travel across land borders. Therefore, some people may be able to enter from the Mexican border by car without getting a COVID test. 

You Might Need a Test for Certain Events in California

Even though you might be able to enter California without a test, keep in mind this doesn’t guarantee you can take part in all activities. California law allows private businesses to require COVID testing before allowing entry. Most parks and restaurants aren’t requiring tests, so you can probably still find things to do. However, if you plan on going to sporting events, concerts, theme parks, or other similar attractions, you might need to take a test. Many organizations are waiving tests for those who can provide proof of vaccination.

Remember Guidelines Are Always Changing

Essentially, current COVID restrictions say you don’t need a test to visit California unless you’re flying in from a different country. However, COVID guidelines tend to change based on current COVID rates. It’s possible that regulations may change before or after you arrive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on state and federal websites, as these can alert you to any changes. For the best chance of having a trip without COVID disruptions, you may want to go ahead and get vaccinated and tested before you visit.

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